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O&L Leisure Today - December 2018

Posted on Tue December 4, 2018.

Midgard gearing up for very exciting changes in 2019 and a very busy 2018

Words by Midgard GM, Jaco Welgemoed

The general feeling amongst every team member, and guests alike, is that of extreme excitement and buckets full of anticipation!

As many know by now, the refurbishment of our self-catering unit and the trains will commence mid-January for the next three months. The trains will offer something totally unique to the public.

Great ownership amongst the public was generated because they got to choose the new look...

.....which turned out to be three new looks all in one!
Establishing the new greenhouse was also very successful.  The sales of seedlings to our guests has been overwhelmingly good and we are already planning a bigger greenhouse.  What a wonderful way of creating  lasting memories of their stay at our lodge.  I would rather receive a beautiful lavender plant from Midgard, than another pair of socks this festive season..lol!

The biggest gift of all though, is the most amazing guest comments received on social media about this wonderful property, but more so the fantastic TEAM that is living our service values every day.
May we all be warm, welcoming, friendly, caring and helpful this festive season, may that be our gift to each and everyone.