A Paradise Where The Earth Rises Again, Fertile And Green

Creating great memories is what makes life so full of joy. It’s important to treasure these memories, to relive those memories whenever you can. At Midgard, we believe in creating those perfect memories for you.

Midgard has always carried the treasury of making amazing memories from the tranquil farm envisioned and created by Mr. List to the calming energy felt from the history that Midgard carries. All of which ended up creating great memories for his grandchildren Sven Thieme and Sonja Thieme who now continue the legacy of their grandfather with their own families. Now, they get to create new stories sure to be told for generations to come.


Founding father of Midgard, Mr. Werner List, was struck by the low-angled roofs and decorative trims of German architecture that he observed on his worldly travels. Artifacts of his travels can still be found across the Midgard grounds.
Our rooms have been modernly adapted to perfectly encapsulate the out-of-home ease and comfort that cannot be found anywhere else.
All our rooms are ensuite and come along with amenities such as television, WIFI and air conditioning amongst other comforting pleasantries.

Conferences and Weddings

Hosting an event can be difficult and here at Midgard, we understand the importance of ensuring that each and every detail for your event is taken care of. Take a look at our conferencing and wedding facilities and how we can help you create your dream event!

Midgard Spa

Life can get stressful! We offer pacifying spa treatments that are only amplified by our naturally stunning and tranquil grounds.


Creating great memories comes naturally at Midgard! With a variety of activities set out to bring you all sorts of fun and adventure, we’ve got something for everyone even if you’re more of a lounger!


For the most stunning and peaceful setting for your major milestones, Midgard brings you a venue quite like no other nestled in the midst of the majestic Otjihavera Mountains!