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Stars under African skies event_Regulations regarding the event

Posted on Sat January 16, 2021.

A short description on how O&L Leisure and the Fly & Help Foundation have adapted the Stars under African skies event to keep their guests safe and adhere to the current regulations in place to stop the spread of the C-19 virus.

On behalf of the entire O&L Leisure family, we are pleased to welcome you to Midgard and excited to bring you the special show “Stars Under African Skies” - a collaboration with the Allgemeine Zeitung; Tourismus-Namibia and O&L Leisure and proudly hosted by the Fly & Help Foundation.
In line with the O&L Group Purpose, “Creating a future, enhancing life”, we have a vested interest in the development of education in our country and thus pleased to support this initiative by Fly & Help which is aimed at promoting school education and building new schools in developing countries. The Foundation has over the years raised funds for 330 school projects in Africa, Asia and Latin-America to an amount of approximately Euro 15.9 million; while it has already built and developed 40 schools with an investment value of approximately 2,7 million euro (N$50 million) in Namibia to date. As such, all proceeds of the “Stars Under African Skies” concert, will go towards building schools in Namibia!
As you know, the concert is taking place during a time where the global COVID-19 pandemic is still very much a reality for all of us. Thus, we have taken extra care to ensure that you enjoy a memorable time in a safe and secure environment. With the current Government regulations and limitations in place, and for your own safety and that of everyone else visiting Midgard, we call on your support and urge you to kindly adhere to all COVID-19 protocols (see below):

• No entry without masks will be allowed to the Estate as well as the festival area and any other public areas. Masks can be purchased at the entry point;
• Hand sanitizing stations will be available at all entry points including the concert venues;
• We urge our guests to kindly remain at your booked and assigned seats until after the concert where you will retreat back to your room (please maintain a safe distance of not less than 2 meters);
• For purposes of contact tracing in the event that a guest should test positive for the Corona virus, we kindly ask our guests’ cooperation by providing your full details i.e. Name & Surname; Contact/Mobile number; Email address when checking in to your rooms / trains.

  • The event will only be available to in-house guests and no day visitors can be accommodated at the current time with the current regulations in place. We will update this should there be any new developments.

We look forward to a safe and festive weekend as we make unforgettable “Stars Under African Skies” memories with you!
Enjoy your stay!
The Midgard Team